No dream: Backstreet Boys double down on Israel

Tell me that I'm dreamin'? No, this is for real: the Backstreet Boys have added a second concert to their Israel trip this summer.

"We are so excited to play in your country for the very first time. And you guys were so excited that you sold out our first show in 45 minutes. So we're putting a second show up for sale," Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson says in a video announcing the band's July 30 concert at the Ra'anana Amphitheatre, which will follow the group's initially scheduled July 29 performance at the same venue. 

The Backstreet Boys' decision to double down on Israel reminds me of the Rolling Stones' bold move to add a second concert to their Jerusalem itinerary last year in defiance of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

"We've been slammed and smacked and twittered a lot by the anti-Israeli side," Mick Jagger said at the time. "All I can say is: anything worth doing is worth overdoing. So we decided to add a concert on Tuesday."

Oh wait... that never actually happened. The story was a Purim spoof by The Jewish Press, and in what was probably not the proudest moment in the annals of, we fell for it and reported the development as real news.

But there's no doubting the Backstreet Boys' announcement. Purim 2014 came more than two months ago. If you still don't believe me, watch the video below. Those are the real Backstreet Boys.

Posted on May 19, 2014 .