Arab writers praise Israel

Some Arab writers are praising Israel's high-tech industry. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Despite reports by organizations such as Palestinian Media Watch of Palestinian leaders issuing harsh remarks on Israel, often calling for the Jewish state's destruction, some Arab writers are offering praise. 

The Jerusalem Post notes a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute, showing that such praise is often leveled at Israel's high-tech achievements.

“The culture [whose technology] we use to communicate, whose air conditioners we sleep under, whose hospitals we are treated in, and whose cement roofs we pray under, is the culture of the Jews and the Crusaders,” tweeted Saudi columnist Abdullah Bakheet.

“Have you ever asked yourself how the small entity called Israel managed to hold the entire world in its palm? Instead of continually cursing the entire world, have you tried to understand how Israel made all those achievements in all areas?” Kuwaiti writer Omar Altabtabaee recently wrote.

Some praise is also leveled at Israeli society and the Jewish state's political system. 

“Would any Arab country agree to treat Israelis this way? Of course [not]... When you watch sessions of the Israeli Knesset, you can see the freedom that Arab MKs enjoy, [despite] their harsh criticism of the Israeli government and even the entire Israeli regime," wrote Iraqi writer Mahdi Majid Abdallah.

Posted on May 2, 2014 .