Turkish paper implicates Jews in mine disaster

Website of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit. Credit: Screenshot.

The Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet reported Wednesday that the country's pro-government daily newspaper Yeni Akit has tried to blame Jews for the country's recent mine disaster

“While the cartel media in cooperation with Jews, Jew-lover parallel media and Jew controlled western media targets the Prime Minister over the Soma disaster, it is revealed that the groom of Alp Gürkan, owner of the company responsible for the disaster, is a Jew named ‘Mario Asafrana’ who changed his name and is now called ‘Mahir’,” the Yeni Akit article stated.

Yeni Akit "has a long track record of anti-Semitic slurs, slammed Alp Gürkan for 'giving his daughter to a Jew,' while also alleging that this was the main reason why the foreign media was 'attacking Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,'" wrote Hurriyet.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Algemeiner that the Yeni Akit article is in the style of “the infamous tradition of the Protocols of Zion (forgery) and (Nazi newspaper) Der Stuermer” and is “one of the most despicable and frightening uses of anti-Semitism by a contemporary newspaper.”

“As a nation mourns the death of hundreds of its people in a coal mine—such a banner headline seeks to further fan the toxic hate of Jews. The Wiesenthal Center urges Prime Minister Erdoğan to publicly denounce this headline,” Cooper said.

The offending article also caused outrage on Twitter. 

Posted on May 21, 2014 .