Clooney’s clone(y) causes coffee commercial cat fight. But who does it better?

Which "Clooney" wore it better? Credit: YouTube screenshots.

Purrr...a Clooney cat fight is underway in Israel over the promotion of a nice cup of java.

Nespresso is reportedly suing its Israeli rival company Espresso Club for using an actor in a commercial who bears a striking resemblance to famed actor George Clooney. The real Clooney is currently a Nespresso spokesperson and appears in the company's commercials.

Espresso Club's ad shows the Clooney lookalike being taught the benefit of Espresso Club coffee, while a disclaimer on the screen explicitly states that the actor is not Clooney

The lawsuit is underway to "prevent customers from being misled," Nespresso Israel said Thursday, according to Israel Hayom. Nespresso is demanding $50,000 in damages, and for the ad be removed.

Meanwhile, Espresso Club is claiming the ad was meant to be humorous and is targeting customers looking for a more "informal" coffee experience.

The bigger question is, which Clooney does it better? The real one or his Israeli stunt double? Decide for yourself.

George Clooney prepares Danny DeVito for Nespresso coffee and a world of great taste. 

At Espresso Club you "don't need a suit, you don't need 'valet parking' and you don't even need to go out and buy an espresso machine. Espresso wants to make it easy for you to just have coffee," says the commercial's tagline as translated from Hebrew by 




Posted on January 22, 2016 .