Gross’s wife, more than 500 rabbis continue push for his release

Click photo to download. Caption: Alan Gross with his wife, Judy. Credit: Gross family.

( Judy Gross, wife of jailed Jewish-American contractor Alan Gross, said Sunday at a rally across from a Cuban Symphony Orchestra performance in West Palm Beach, Fla., that “the fastest way to open relations between the United States and Cuba and to promote important people-to-people exchanges is to free my husband.” 

The 63-year-old Gross—a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) contractor imprisoned in Cuba since December 2009 for trying to bring that country’s Jewish community Internet access—has a tumor in his right shoulder that may be cancerous and “has not been adequately evaluated to modern medical standards” by Cuban doctors, according to a report by Dr. Alan A. Cohen. 

A group of 518 rabbis from 36 U.S. states and 12 countries sent a letter to Cuban President Raúl Castro advocating for the prisoner’s freedom on the basis of his those health issues, Gross’s legal team said in a press release.

“Under these circumstances, we would urge your government to release Mr. Gross on humanitarian grounds,” the letter stated. “Alternatively, if despite his and his family’s suffering over the past three years in prison you remain determined to detain him, we would urge you to allow a doctor of his choosing to evaluate and treat him for whatever medical conditions that he may have.” 

Posted on November 11, 2012 .