Report: Hamas ‘thoroughly daunted’ by Israel following Gaza conflict

( Don’t be fooled by Hamas’s ongoing celebrations in the aftermath of its conflict with Israel in Gaza, according to one senior Israeli military officer.

Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists are ‘thoroughly daunted’ following Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense offensive, the anonymous officer told Reuters.

“Their jubilation was not from victory, it was from their relief at being able to emerge from shelters,” the officer said of Hamas. 

The officer’s assessment comes despite Palestinian “victory” celebrations in Gaza and the West Bank, where Hamas held its first rally since 2007 on Dec. 13, drawing 5,000 supporters in Nablus. Demonstrators chanted “Hamas—you are the guns; we are the bullets,” and, “Hamas, fire more rockets on Tel Aviv,” the Associated Press reported.

Additionally, while visiting Gaza for Hamas’s 25th anniversary, exiled Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal  said, “We are not giving up any inch of Palestine. It will remain Islamic and Arab for us and nobody else. Jihad and armed resistance is the only way.”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said recently that he does not agree with exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal “about not recognizing Israel,” but added that Mashaal “stands behind” agreements between Hamas and Fatah that “talk about the two-state solution."

Posted on December 14, 2012 .