Tablet exposes New Yorker reporter's fake Dylan quotes

Click photo to download. Caption: Bob Dylan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.( The Jewish online magazine Tablet has exposed a New Yorker journalist who made up quotes from Bob Dylan for his book. The book has now been recalled, and sales of its electronic edition have been suspended.

Tablet’s Michael C. Moynihan contacted Journalist Jonah Lehrer about his best-selling “Imagine: How Creativity Works,” regarding quotes from Dylan in the book which he believed to be fabricated as well as other genuine quotes that were lumped together in a false context. Lehrer responded that he took the quotes from an extended and unreleased documentary interview, but eventually confessed that he had no access to such a documentary.

Lehrer has since resigned from the New Yorker and said in a statement, “The lies are over now. I understand the gravity of my position. I will do my best to correct the record and ensure that my misquotations and mistakes are fixed.”

Posted on July 31, 2012 .