Weakening Iran sanctions a ‘tragic mistake,’ Netanyahu tells Kerry

(JNS.org) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned against the weakening of Iran sanctions during a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday in Rome.

“The best way to [stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program] peacefully is to maintain the pressure on Iran,” Netanyahu said. “That’s what got them into these renewed negotiations in the first place. The leadership [that] the United States and the president have shown on the issue of sanctions I think has been centrally important. I think it would be a tragic mistake to stop right before that goal is realized.”

Kerry said, “We will pursue a diplomatic initiative [with Iran] with eyes wide open. [We are] aware it will be vital for Iran to live up to those standards other nations that have nuclear programs live up to, as they prove those programs are indeed peaceful.”


Posted on October 24, 2013 .