Netanyahu at Federation GA reiterates opposition to Iran deal

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, addressing the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in Jerusalem, reiterated his opposition to a U.S.-backed deal in which Iran would receive sanctions relief if it suspended high-grade uranium enrichment (20 percent) for six months.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly on Sunday in Jerusalem. Credit: JFNA.

According to the deal, Iran would still be able to enrich to 3.5 percent.

“It’s a dangerous deal because it keeps Iran as a nuclear threshold nation and it may very well bring about a situation where the sanctions are dissolved or collapsed… When it comes to the question of Jewish survival and the survival of the Jewish state, I will not be silenced, ever. Not on my watch. When the Jewish people were silent on matters relating to our survival, you know what happened,” Netanyahu said.

Posted on November 11, 2013 .