Mohamed Morsi faces espionage charges for conspiring with Hamas and Hezbollah

Mohamed Morsi. Credit: Wilson Dias/ABr.

( Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, along with nearly three dozen Muslim Brotherhood leaders, will stand trial on espionage charges for conspiring with foreign terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah to commit terror acts inside of Egypt.

Among those joining Morsi on trial will be Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and Freedom and Justice Party chairman Essam El-Erian.

According to the prosecution’s statement, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders are charged with “collaborating with foreign organizations to commit terrorist acts in Egypt, revealing defense secrets to a foreign country, funding terrorists and military training to achieve the purposes of the international organization of the Brotherhood,” Ahram Online reported.

Specifically, the prosecution accuses the group of sponsoring terror attacks on the Egyptian Army and police in the Sinai Peninsula following Morsi’s ouster.

Morsi is also on trial for the killing of protestors outside of his presidential palace in December 2012. 

Posted on December 18, 2013 .