Syrian civil war prompts Israel to send food across border, defense minister says

( Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said that the Jewish state is sending food and water to civil war-besieged Syrians near the Israel-Syria border.

A Syrian refugee is treated at Ziv Medical Center in Israel’s northern city of Safed. Credit:  Ziv Medical Center.

“The villages here are locked in have no access to anywhere else,” Ya'alon said, the Jerusalem Post reported. “We're supplying humanitarian help to residents over the border here, and are evacuating them to our hospitals. We don't see the situation stabilizing in the near future,” he said.

More than 250 Syrian civilians have been admitted to Israeli hospitals for treatment since February, according to the Times of Israel

“A doctor who receives a wounded patient, he treats him [or] her as a person and not as an identity,” Yael Shavit, communications adviser to the Ziv Medical Center in Israel’s northern city of Safed, told in June.

Posted on December 3, 2013 .