Iranian election ‘doesn’t have the power’ to change nuclear ambitions, Netanyahu says

( Iran president-elect Hassan Rohani, who is considered a relative moderate, “doesn’t call the shots” when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program, but rather, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei does, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday.

Click photo to download. Caption: The Arak IR-40 heavy water reactor in Iran. The Iranian election doesn't have the power to change Iran's nuclear ambitions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday. Credit: Nanking2012/Wikimedia Commons. 

“The Iranian election clearly reflects deep disaffection of the Iranian people with its regime, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the power to change Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” Netanyahu told Reuters.

Rohani was Iran’s nuclear negotiator from 2003 to 2005. He said at a press conference Monday that Iran would “take the path towards increased transparency” regarding its nuclear program.

“Of course our nuclear programs are totally transparent in nature. But we are ready to show more transparency and to show the world that Iran's nuclear work complies fully with the international framework,” Rohani said.


Posted on June 18, 2013 .