Paul Murphy, Irish politician, condemned for calling for another Palestinian intifada

( The Zionist Federation (ZF) of Great Britain and Ireland, a major London-based umbrella organization founded in 1899, has condemned recent remarks by Irish Member of European Parliament Paul Murphy for calling for another Palestinian intifada.

“You’ve seen significant protest, significant movement, the potential to redevelop a struggle along the lines of the first Intifada,” Murphy, who belongs to the Socialist Party, said during an interview last week on the Russian government-funded news network Russia Today.

ZF Chairman Paul Charney in a statement condemned Murphy’s remarks and called on the Irish Socialist Party to distance itself from his comments.

“Mr. Murphy’s remarks glorifying the Intifada and justifying it as an alternative to peace talks is disgraceful and highly irresponsible. It dangerously incites the masses to violence, at a time in the Middle East where war and terror is all too common,” Charney said. “I call on the Irish Socialist Party to deal swiftly with this issue by publicly confirming that they support peace and further condemn Mr. Murphy by stating that his comments are unacceptable.”

Murphy has a history of controversy in regards to Israel. In November 2011, Murphy was detained by the Israel Defense Forces for attempting to sail to Gaza to protest Israel’s blockade of the terrorist group Hamas, which controls Gaza.

Other Irish leaders have also condemned Israel. Irish Foreign Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore said in May that he wants a create a campaign to urge fellow EU states to label Israeli products from the West Bank as “settler” products, and to eventually encourage a boycott Israel as well.


Posted on July 29, 2013 .