Palestinian Fatah on Facebook glorifies violence by children, suicide bombers, Saddam Hussein

( The Palestinian Fatah party's official Facebook pages recently glorified violence by children, female suicide bombers, and Saddam Hussein.

Screenshot the photo of Saddam Hussein posted by the Palestinian group Fatah on one of its Facebook pages. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch.

 Palestinian Media Watch  reported Thursday that Fatah posted a photo on Aug. 11 featuring young Palestinian boys holding rifles, accompanied by the text, "The children of Palestine—this is how they celebrated their holiday." On Aug. 2, Fatah posted a collage of four female Palestinian suicide bombers, describing them as "stars who sparkled in the sky." Fatah's posts come in the midst of renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

An Aug. 11 Fatah Facebook post featuring Palestinian children holding rifles. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch.

Additionally, a Fatah Facebook page on Aug. 8 posted a photo of Saddam Hussein along with the caption, "How many people love this hero?" Palestinian Media Watch reported  Wednesday that the same Fatah Facebook page posted two other pictures of the former Iraqi dictator last year, portraying him as a hero. 

“He smiled to deny the enemy the pleasure of victory. May Allah have mercy on you, Saddam Hussein,” one of photo captions on the Fatah Facebook page stated.

Fatah's most recent glorifying picture of Hussein as of Wednesday garnered 1,439 Facebook "likes" and 111 comments praising it.

Posted on August 22, 2013 .