Israeli Christians in Nazareth launch new website to encourage tourism

( A group of Israeli Christians from Nazareth have launched a new website called “Diglei Habrith” (United Flags) in an effort to promote tourism to Nazareth and strengthen Jewish-Christian ties.

Logo for Deglei Habrith website. Credit:

The website, which is still under construction, is being organized by Israeli Christian and former IDF Captain Bishara Shlayan, a merchant seaman from Nazareth who has become outspoken new leader of the Israeli Christian community seeking to build Jewish-Christian ties. Shlayan is also leading efforts to form a new Israeli-Arab Christian political party called B’nei Habrit and to build a 100-foot statue of Jesus in Nazareth.

“The site will symbolize the attraction of the global Christian community to the city of Nazareth and the support of the world community to the Christian communities in Israel,” the website says.  

Posted on January 1, 2014 .