IDF intelligence head: 170,000 rockets threaten Israel in ‘era of fire’

Qassam rocket launchers in Gaza. Credit: Israel Defense Forces.

( The head of Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate, Israel Defense Forces Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, said the threat of rockets and missiles from Israel’s enemies is one of the greatest challenges Israel faces today.

“We call this period in time the ‘Era of Fire,’ in light of the amount of missiles and rockets we face as a constant threat. There are about 170,000 rockets and missiles that threaten Israel,” Kochavi said at the Institute for National Security Studies conference in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Despite a decline in the power of Arab states that surrounf it, Israel still faces threats from terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas, and even al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, emphasized Kochavi.

“For the first time the enemy now has the ability to hit Israeli cities hard,” he said. “The state of Israel is surrounded 360 degrees with active enemies. The conventional threats have not disappeared.”

Additionally, Kochavi said cyber warfare would be one of the greatest future threats, describing that element as one of the biggest shifts in warfare in more than 1,000 years.

“Cyber [warfare]… will be revealed in a not very long time as a revolution greater than the creation of gunpowder or the usage of the aerial space at the start of the past century,” he said.

Posted on January 29, 2014 .