Reconstructionist Rabbinical College inaugurates first female president

Rabbi Deborah Waxman. Credit: YouTube screenshot.

( The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College inaugurated its first female president on Sunday, an appointment also marking the first time a woman has been elected president of both a seminary and a Jewish religious movement. It is also the first time an openly gay woman has attained such a role.

Rabbi Deborah Waxman became the president of a movement seeking to “reconstruct” Jewish needs based on modern spiritual needs.

“It has been energizing to know that I will not be marginalized or disqualified from serving the Jewish people,” Waxman, 46, told the Forward. “I deeply appreciate—and have richly benefited from—the Reconstructionist movement’s vanguard work on inclusion, and hope to continue it as president.”

Posted on October 27, 2014 .