Haaretz cartoon depicts Netanyahu flying plane into World Trade Center

The Haaretz cartoon depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flying a plane into the World Trade Center. Credit: Twitter.

(JNS.org) The Israeli newspaper Haaretz is drawing condemnation for publishing a cartoon depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flying a plane marked “Israel” into a building that resembles a World Trade Center tower.

Underneath artist Amos Biderman’s cartoon, Haaretz provides a link to a story on U.S.-Israel tensions headlined, “The crisis with Washington is here to stay.”

Haaretz has crossed all lines of reasoned discourse by publishing a cartoon which apparently seeks to compare Prime Minister Netanyahu’s policies—such as approving construction of homes in Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem over the green line, a move criticized by the U.S. government—to the 9/11 massacre of thousands of Americans,” Tamar Sternthal, director of the Israel office of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, told The Blaze.

The Zionist Organization of America’s national chairman, Dr. Michael Goldblatt, said it is “impossible to believe that the editors of Haaretz responsible for the decision to publish this malicious cartoon could not have known that hate-mongers across the world claim Israel engineered the 9/11 attacks, and promote other vicious anti-Israel lies.”

“Given this, it was unconscionable for an Israeli paper, no less, to play any role in demonizing Israel with falsehoods,” said Goldblatt.

Roman Gertsberg, whose 25-year-old daughter Marina was killed in the World Trade Center attack, told The Algemeiner, “Nobody in their right mind should associate Israel with flying a plane into the WTC. It is very offensive to 9/11 families to distort the historical events of that tragic day in order to bring attention to one political statement or another.

Posted on October 31, 2014 .