Israeli defense company unveils maritime version of Iron Dome system

The Iron Dome system launches a missile during Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012. Credit: Israel Defense Forces.

( Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled a new version of the highly successful Iron Dome anti-missile system called “C-Dome,” which will serve to protect maritime interests such as naval ships or oil and gas platforms. 

Rafael unveiled the new system at the Euronaval conference near Paris this week. According to the state-owned defense contractor, the new system would protect against threats from the air including missiles, helicopters, and drone aircraft. 

“C-dome offers something that is not out there [in the market] yet ... A small footprint and the capability to engage multiple targets and saturation threats. And it’s based on the only system in the world that has more than 1,000 intercepts,” said Rafael program director Ari Sacher, the Associated Press reported. 

“We can protect the ship from every direction at the same time,” he said. “Most systems out there can’t do that.”

Posted on October 31, 2014 .