Anti-Semitic incidents reported in Europe, South America

Vandalism at a Jewish memorial in Buenos Aires (pictured) is just one of the anti-Semitic incidents reported this week around the world. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( Several attacks against Jews and Jewish sites have been reported in South America and Europe this week. 

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, vandals desecrated a monument in a Jewish area with graffiti. The writing called to “kill Jews.” In Cordova, Argentina, a swastika was drawn on the wall of a rabbi’s home. Local officials said the vandalism was part of a larger pattern of similar anti-Semitic incidents taking place in the city on a weekly basis.

In Berlin, Germany, five youths attacked an Israeli woman who was heard speaking Hebrew on the phone. The group grabbed her phone and stole it after calling her an “Israeli.” In Lisbon, Portugal, vandals drew the word “Ebola” on a memorial for a massacre that took place in 1506, Israel National News reported. The memorial is considered one of the most significant Jewish landmarks in the country.

Posted on November 6, 2014 .