Future Israeli diplomats meet with Jordan's Prince Hassan

A screenshot of the blog entry by Israeli Foreign Ministry trainees describing their meeting with Prince Hassan of Jordan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JNS.org) A group of Israeli Foreign Ministry trainee diplomats recently met with Prince Hassan of Jordan and shared their experiences on their group blog.

The trainees described the stringent security procedures around the Israeli Embassy in Amman.

"It is obvious that despite the many security restrictions, the embassy team manages to overcome the difficulties and forge close, meaningful ties with their counterparts in the upper echelons of government, security, and business," they wrote.

The trainees also wrote about the high point of their visit: being introduced to Prince Hassan, the uncle of King Abdullah and brother of the late King Hussein. The prince met with them at the Jordanian Royal Academy. "The prince received us warmly and with kind words, shook everyone's hand and discussed his views on the region and his hope for peace," the blog report said.

The group also met with senior government, diplomatic, and economic officials, including a high-ranking Jordanian minister and German Ambassador to Jordan Ralph Tarraf. "The day ended with a tour of the embassy and a discussion with Jordanian businesspeople who work with Israel. They said that strengthening the relations between the [two] countries depended to a large extent on business ties between the two peoples," the blog said.

In addition to a summation of the visit, the blog post contained a number of colorful details, such as a description of the cooking skills of Israeli Ambassador to Jordan Daniel Nevo. "The Jordanians are warm, welcoming people," the ministry trainees wrote.

Posted on February 24, 2014 .