Northeastern U. bans Students for Justice in Palestine for intimidating students

( Northeastern University’s Center for Student Involvement has banned the anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for the intimidation of students on campus.

According to a letter sent to SJP by the director of the Center for Student Involvement, Jason Campbell-Foster, the group has been banned for at least one year and its board members are banned from serving on any future board within the center. Additionally, SJP members must undergo training by university administrators for reinstatement.

“You have not shown a concerted effort to improve your practices and educate your members on how to properly operate your organization within the boundaries of university policy,” Campbell-Foster wrote.

The ban is connected to a February incident in which SJP members distributed mock eviction notices underneath the doors of several residence halls on campus during the mid-term exam period.

Northeastern University’s Hillel chapter said in a statement that the mock eviction notices had “factually inaccurate content about Israel” and were “part of a campaign of intimidation and fear used to manipulate public opinion against Israel.” 

“Rather than seeking to prompt dialogue, the fake eviction notices alarmed and intimidated students in their homes, in clear violation of Northeastern policy,” the Hillel said. 

In an interview with Democracy Now, one of SJP’s leaders, Northeastern law student Max Geller, said SJP has launched a petition against the suspension and is “right now considering the most spectacular way of delivering this petition to the president’s door.”

Posted on March 13, 2014 .