Israeli Christian leaders call out EU hypocrisy on persecution of Mideast Christians

A flyer on the persecution of Mideast Christians that was distributed by a new coalition of Israeli Christian leaders called the "Israeli Christian Lobby." Credit: Israeli Christian Lobby.

( A new coalition of Israeli Christian leaders called the “Israeli Christian Lobby” has sent a letter to the head of the European Union’s delegation to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, expressing their frustration with the EU’s “hypocrisy” on the issue of the ethnic cleansing of Middle Eastern Christians.

“The slaughter, persecution, discrimination, apartheid, the ethnic cleansing, and all the crimes committed against the Indigenous Aramaic & Christians of the Middle East, in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, among others, continue to be committed without any intervention of the Western countries,” the letter says.

“We are turning to you as someone who represents a Western country, which engraved the values of human and citizens’ rights on its flag. Get up and take action,” it adds.

The coalition plans to rally outside the EU embassy in Israel on Sunday, in solidarity “with those facing persecutions, discrimination, and ethnic cleansing throughout the Arab World,” according to the letter.

Shadi Khalloul, spokesman for the Israeli Christian Lobby, told that the letter “aims to raise awareness about Christian ethnic cleansing in the Middle East,” including in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Khalloul added, “The world kept silent while persecuting Jews in Europe until it became a Holocaust, [and] now the world is silent [again]. Western countries must protect Christians in Middle East.”

Posted on March 20, 2014 .