Netanyahu talks Israeli technology in Japan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara arrive in Japan on Sunday. Credit: IsraeliPM via YouTube.

( Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Japan on Sunday, kicking off a four-day trip meant to strengthen the Israel-Japan relationship.

Netanyahu’s meetings during the visit are focusing on Israeli technological developments, particularly in the fields of cyber technology, water conservation, alternative energy, and biotechnology, according to Israel Hayom.

At a meeting in Tokyo on Monday with members of the Israel-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League, Netanyahu said, “There is a common bond between us: We’re both democratic, progress, technological societies. You face North Korea, which is a rogue regime with nuclear weapons. We face the possibility of Iran, which is a rogue regime that wants to have nuclear weapons. They’re cooperating between them, and we should cooperate between us, and I want to commend you for keeping the torch of Israeli-Japanese friendship alive, and now it’s growing stronger.”

Posted on May 12, 2014 .