IDF suggests video of Palestinian deaths could be forgery

The IDF logo. Credit: IDF.

( A senior Israel Defense Forces official has cast doubt on the accuracy of a recently released video that purportedly shows the deaths of two Palestinian teens near the Ofer military prison on May 15. 

“Since I have a lot of experience with forgery, I won’t say anything unequivocal until we conclude the investigation,” the anonymous IDF official told Haaretz

“We have asked to be given the additional bullets that were found, and we are willing to receive them now to conclude the inquiry,” said the official. “Since the video appeared, we will try to corroborate it against the battalion commander who was there.”

The edited video, which was allegedly obtained from a local security camera, was released by Defense for Children International – Palestine Section. 

The video’s release has sparked additional controversy over the purported deaths, with several human rights groups and Palestinian leaders condemning Israel’s actions during riots initiated by Palestinians outside the Ofer prison. 

Posted on May 22, 2014 .