Jewish man creates a Christian mezuzah called Christooza

( A Jewish man from the Queens borough of New York City is selling a Christian mezuzah dubbed the Christooza. Henry Zabarsky has created a hollow cross made from plastic which, like a traditional mezuzah, contains a prayer-inscribed parchment and must be affixed to a door post. 

The New York Post's report on the Christooza. Credit: Screenshot.

Zabarsky, a financial adviser, came up with the idea from a “very religious” Catholic client, reported the New York Post.

“There were pictures of Jerusalem everywhere, crosses. And I was thinking, Jews have this mezuzah—so why not create one for everyone else?” Zabarsky said.

The Christoozas are sold on Zabarsky’s website for $20. A customizable option with a unique blessing is available for another $5.


Posted on June 25, 2014 .