Hebrew U. refuses to remove anti-Israel professor from advisory role

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem logo. Credit: Hebrew University.

(JNS.org) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has refused to remove Professor William Schabas from the advisory board of a law faculty publication despite his anti-Israel views, Israel Hayom reported.

Schabas was recently appointed to head the U.N. Human Rights Council’s investigation into Israel’s conduct during Operation Protective Edge, despite his well-publicized political views, sparking outrage among Israeli politicians.

Israeli lawyer David Schonberg wrote to Hebrew University requesting Schabas’s dismissal from the advisory board role in light of the U.N. appointment and his history of inflammatory comments about Israel.

The university’s law faculty dean, Professor Yuval Shany, responded to the request with a letter stating that Schabas “was appointed to the academic advisory board for the periodical based on his expertise in human rights law, not because of his political stance.”

Posted on August 15, 2014 .