Israel’s first Christian pre-military class graduates

The Israel Defense Forces logo. Credit: IDF.

( Thirty members of Israel’s first pre-military course specifically tailored for Christian citizens entering the Israel Defense Forces celebrated their graduation in a formal ceremony in Haifa this week, Israel Hayom reported. The group includes four women.

Israeli law does not require most non-Jews to serve in the military. But in April, the IDF launched a campaign to encourage more Christians to volunteer, mailing out voluntary enlistment forms to potential recruits. About 128,000 Christians currently live in Israel.

“We are actively working toward integrating all populations [into the army] and see this [pre-military course for Christians] as a very important step in that direction,” said Gadi Agmon, head of the Human Resources, Planning and Management Division of the IDF.

Posted on August 15, 2014 .