Egyptian researcher floats theory that Israel tries to prove Jews built pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( An Egyptian researcher claimed that Israel is trying to falsify Egyptian history to show that Jews built the country's famed pyramids. 

Amir Gamal of the “Non-Stop Robberies” activist movement told Egypt’s Elaph newspaper that foreign archaeologists, particularly from the Czech Republic, are helping Israel in the “espionage and counterfeiting of Egyptian history.”

Israel sends missions to Egypt “under the guise of other nationalities,” said Gamal, who accused Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Barta of Charles University in Prague of trying to “establish that the Jews had a direct role in the construction of Egyptian civilization.”

Barta said that neither the Czech Institute of Egyptology nor Charles University in Prague has ever published any opinion alleging that the pyramids were built by Jews.

"The article tries to discredit the name and reputation of the Czech Institute of Egyptology mission as well as the reputation of myself....The first evidence for Israel dates to around 1200 BC, i.e. some 1400 years after the first true pyramids were built," he told in an email.

"Mr. Amir Gamal, if not a fully false identity, is unfortunately a highly incompetent person providing no firm evidence whatsoever for any of his totally unjust and totally out of place allegations," he added.

Posted on September 11, 2014 .