Brussels Jewish museum to re-open Sept. 14

The Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( The Brussels-based Jewish Museum of Belgium, where former Islamic State terrorist Mehdi Nemmouche killed four people last May, will re-open Sept. 14.

The opening will be tightly secured and will be a message of defiance against “brutes,” museum officials said.

"We should not give free rein—I dare say—to bastards," said the museum's secretary general, Norbert Cige. "We are continuing our educational work. In this world of brutes, it's necessary."

Two exhibitions that were halted because of the shooting will resume, and a new exhibition will open Nov. 13. Plans are also underway to demolish and rebuild part of the museum.

In the long run, part of the museum will be demolished and rebuilt.

"We want, with absolute determination, to retake our place in the cultural arena of Brussels,” said the museum’s president, Philippe Blondin, according to The Guardian.

Posted on September 9, 2014 .