Islamic State threatens Israel in Hebrew: ‘The true war hasn’t yet started’

A masked man threatens Israel in Hebrew in an Islamic State video. Credit: Screenshot.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to The Islamic State terror group on Friday published a Hebrew-language video threatening Israel.

In the video, a masked man holding a weapon and speaking fluent Hebrew says, “The true war hasn’t yet started, what you’ve experienced until now is a child’s war compared to what will happen soon. We promise you that not a single Jew will be left in the entire country….Look how you responded to a few car attacks and stabbings—you fell on your heads, you shot anyone who drove fast and anyone with something in their hand.”

The speaker continues, “Think what will happen to you when soon tens of thousands from all over the world will come to slaughter you and throw you in the trash. We aren’t just full of hot air—we are are closing in on you from every direction, from Sinai and from Damascus and more. The account between us is getting longer and longer. The account will be closed soon.”

Posted on October 23, 2015 .