Holocaust-themed film ‘Ida’ wins Oscar, Israel’s ‘Aya’ falls short

A movie poster for "Ida." Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

(JNS.org) The Holocaust-themed film “Ida” won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film on Sunday night, while the Israeli film “Aya” failed to grab the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film.

Set in Poland in 1962, “Ida” tells the story of a young woman who was orphaned during the Holocaust survivor and is considering taking vows as a Catholic nun, only to discover from her aunt that her parents were Jewish. The two women then travel to the Polish countryside to explore their family’s history. Directed by Paweł Pawlikowski, “Ida” is the first Polish film to win the foreign language Academy Award.

“Aya,” directed by Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis, centers on a random encounter between a Scandinavian music critic and an Israeli driver who picks him up from the airport. Their encounter soon evolves into a deeper relationship. “The Phone Call,” a British film, won the live action short Academy Award over “Aya” and three others nominees.

Posted on February 23, 2015 .