Likud activists file complaint against U.S.-funded anti-Netanyahu campaign

The logo of OneVoice, a U.S.-funded organization reportedly working to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to David Shayan, the head of the Likud party’s youth activists, filed an official police complaint on Wednesday against the V15 elections campaign, which aims to dissuade Israelis from voting for Likud’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Shayan provided the Jerusalem police with evidence that raises suspicion of a link between the non-profit organization OneVoice, which has received U.S. State Department funding, and V15.

In their complaint, the Likud activists demanded that police investigate the alleged link between the anti-Netanyahu campaign and two Israeli political parties, Labor and Meretz. The complaint pointed to Israel’s Parties Financing Law, which prohibits foreign campaign funding, even if the funding is channeled through non-profit organizations or other groups.

The complaint aims to compel the police to investigate the funding sources of the V15 initiative, allegedly orchestrated by the left-wing OneVoice organization. Among the individuals linked to the group are Labor and Meretz members, Palestinian Authority (PA) officials, and Yasser Abbas, the son of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The V15 campaign explicitly calls on Israeli voters to replace the current government and its leader. According to the Likud complaint, “Research on the involved individuals reveals a problematic picture, including elements of alleged criminal activity by the professional, political figures running this campaign and standing behind it.”

Posted on February 4, 2015 .