Israeli security cabinet unanimously opposes Iran nuclear deal

( The Israeli security cabinet is “united in opposition” to the Iran nuclear framework deal that was announced on Thursday between Iran and world powers in Switzerland.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that any final deal with Iran must include the Islamic Republic's recognition of Israel's right to exist. Credit: Israeli Prime Minister's Office. 

In a statement following the cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that any final nuclear deal must include Iran recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

"Israel demands that any final agreement with Iran will include a clear and unambiguous Iranian commitment of Israel's right to exist," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu added that Iran has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction, even while negotiations were taking place with the P5+1 (U.S., U.K., France, Russia, China and Germany) world powers.

“Iran is a regime that openly calls for Israel's destruction and openly and actively works towards that end.” Netanyahu said. “Just two days ago, in the midst of the negotiations in Lausanne, the commander of the Basij security forces in Iran said this: The destruction of Israel is non-negotiable.' Well, I want to make clear to all. The survival of Israel is non-negotiable.”

Posted on April 3, 2015 .