Kerry says Israeli strike on Iran nuclear facilities would be ‘enormous mistake’

John Kerry. Credit: State Department.

( U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry believes that it would an “enormous mistake” for Israel to launch airstrikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. 

“That’d be an enormous mistake, a huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and for the region, and I don’t think it’s necessary,” Kerry told NBC’s “Today Show.”

Kerry is on a political and media blitz to sell the Iran nuclear deal to a skeptical Congress and to the American public. Congress has 60 days to review the agreement, and President Barack Obama has vowed to veto any resolution that does not support the deal.

“The more people learn about this agreement, the more people are learning this is the only viable alternative to be able to control Iran's already existing nuclear program,” Kerry told NBC.

On Friday, Kerry also met with leaders from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the American Jewish Committee to discuss “the U.S.-Israel relationship and regional issues,” the State Department said. 

Many American Jewish groups have expressed concern about the nuclear deal. Notably, the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee has launched a massive campaign to lobby Congress and the general public against the deal.

Posted on July 24, 2015 .