Israeli baby survives rock-throwing attack south of Jerusalem

The car that was hit in Sunday's rock-throwing attack near the Palestinian village of Beit Sahur. Credit: Hatzolah Judea and Samaria.

( An Israeli couple and their 4-month-old daughter were fortunate to emerge uninjured from a stone-throwing attack as they were driving outside Jerusalem on Sunday.

Avi and Sara Gamss, of Tekoa, were driving in two cars near the Palestinian village of Beit Sahur when the attack began. Sara Gamss was in the first car, with their daughter strapped into a car seat in the front passenger seat. Avi Gamss was following.

“We were on our way to add reinforcements to the car [to guard against rock-throwing attacks],” Avi Gamss said, Israel Hayom reported. “That’s why we drove in two cars—so one could be modified and we could drive home in the second one. As we got close to Beit Sahur, about 15 masked attackers suddenly appeared right at the side of the road. It happened really quickly; they must have been hiding. It was too late to turn around.”

Gamss continued, “The terrorists got closer to my wife’s car and started to throw big rocks from about 2 meters away, cracking the windshield….It all happened in front of me. All the car’s mirrors were damaged and one rock went through the front window, flew over our baby’s head, and landed in the back seat. It is a miracle that she survived.”

The attack came as the Israeli defense establishment is working to fight rock-throwing attacks. In all, Israel police have recently arrested at least 27 rock-throwing suspects.

Posted on September 21, 2015 .