Tel Aviv terrorist Nashat Milhem vows to ‘die’ and ‘kill’ in cell phone videos

Arab Terrorist Nashat Milhem holds a bullet in a video recovered from his cell phone. Credit: Screenshot via Shin Bet.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Several hours before going on a killing spree in Tel Aviv on Jan. 1, Arab terrorist Nashat Milhem lost his cell phone in Ramat Aviv. Newly released videos recovered by Israeli police from his phone reveal a strong hatred for the “enemies of Islam”—Jews, Christians, and Shi’a Muslims—and the use of terms compatible with Islamic State rhetoric.

Milhem murdered two people at a bar in Tel Aviv on New Year’s Day before going on to murder a taxi driver not too far from there. Though he managed to evade police for a week, he was eventually located and was killed during a shootout with police in his home town of Ar’ara.

In one of the videos, which were distributed by the Shin Bet security agency to various media outlets on Wednesday, Milhem is seen saying, “Downing a Carlsberg [beer] and smoking weed,” while walking down the street and listing various kinds of illicit drugs.

In another video, he addresses the American president, saying: “Obama, you [Christian] crusader…convert to Islam…convert to Islam…Not converting? Let’s see if the cross will save you, you son of a whore.”

Milhem continues, “I am rising up to our lord, the Prophet Muhammad, prayer and peace be unto him. Today, it is very simple....You love our lord, prayer and peace be unto him....You feel like these eyes [points to his eyes] want to see him....It is very simple.... Die!...Kill!"

In another video, Milhem is seen breathing heavily, holding bullets, saying, “In my name, Nashat Muhammad Ali Milhem, resident of the Daharat neighborhood, from here, this village, this house in the heart of Daharat where I sit….’You did not shoot when thou didst shoot, but God did shoot.’ You are wrong about us....Fine, we don’t matter, what are we? You are wrong about our lord, the prophet....We...our like a mother on the soil. This won’t happen, it won’t come to be, with the help of Allah….There will soon be a second terrorist attack in Tel Aviv....So the Jews finally understand whom they are messing with...sons of whores.”

Posted on January 28, 2016 .