Hamas releases footage of captive Gilad Shalit ‘having fun’

The new Gilad Shalit footage. Credit: Screenshot via YouTube.

(JNS.org) Hamas on Sunday released a video showing Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit “having fun” while being held captive by the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group. The footage was released as part of a report by Hamas-run television praising the unit responsible for day-to-day contact with abducted Israelis.

Shalit, abducted by Hamas in June 2006 in a cross-border raid near the Kerem Shalom border crossing, was released in October 2011 in a prisoner exchange deal.

Claiming that the footage proves Hamas adheres to Islamic rules for the humane treatment of prisoners of war, the report showed Shalit drinking coffee, joking with his captors, watching television, and helping them set up a barbecue. The report said Hamas formed the unit, called “Shadow,” for the purpose of securing captive Israeli soldiers and civilians.

A Hamas official told Israel Hayom that the footage was released “to refute allegations suggesting Shalit was tortured and held under difficult conditions.”

The Shalit family accused Hamas of psychological warfare, saying in a statement, “These deplorable people, Gilad’s capturers, will stop at nothing to portray a distorted image that does not represent in any way five and a half years of loneliness and fear, and the struggle to remain alive in captivity.”

Posted on January 4, 2016 .