Israel approves plans to build new Druze town

Israel's new Druze town will be established near Tiberias (pictured). Credit: PikiWiki Israel.

( Israel’s National and Building Council on Tuesday approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s initiative to build a new Druze town.

“For the first time since the foundation of the state, we are building a new Druze town. I ascribe great importance to the establishment of a new Druze town that will advance the Druze sector,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

This initiative is part of an extensive plan approved last year by the Israeli government to invest NIS 2 billion (about $500 million) over five years in the development of Israel’s Druze and Circassian minority communities.

“The Druze community has bound its fate to the State of Israel. The proportion of enlistment in the IDF is among the highest in the state and many Druze are in IDF combat units. This is only part of our extensive activity for the Druze community and we are carrying out our commitments to the community,” said Netanyahu.

The new Druze community will be established in the Lower Galilee Regional Council, in the Ahuzat Naftali area near Tiberias.

Posted on January 5, 2016 .