Israeli humanitarian agency provides aid for U.K. flood victims

IsraAID volunteers provide flood relief in the U.K. Credit: IsraAID via Facebook.

( A group of volunteers from the Israeli humanitarian agency IsraAID traveled Monday to the United Kingdom to assist flood victims, London’s Jewish Chronicle reported.

“The first team [was] greeted by locals with open hands and [is] now mapping the workloads, which would include distribution of goods and gutting houses, helping people repair their homes,” said Shachar Zahavi, founding director of IsraAid.

“We have responded to 10 floods and tornado disasters in the U.S., and when we saw what was happening to the U.K. in the news, it looked worse than ever before. We wanted to show the community we would be there for them,” Zahavi added.

Posted on January 6, 2016 .