YouTube restricts Alan Dershowitz video lecture on Israel


( YouTube restricted a video of former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz giving a five-minute lecture on the history of Israel, the Boston Globe reported last week.

Alan Dershowitz video for Prager University. Credit: YouTube screenshot. 

The video was published on the YouTube channel Prager University. According to Prager University’s president, conservative talk show host Dennis Prager, YouTube has been blocking many of its educational talks by well-known intellectuals and media personalities.

“Given no rational response for the restrictions, there seems to be little reason to suspect anything other than suppression of conservative thought,” Prager said.

If a viewer has the YouTube setting “restricted mode” on, the Dershowitz video could not be seen. “Restricted mode” is a setting that categorizes videos as having offensive, inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content.

Dershowitz said he does not believe he was purposely censored by YouTube, which is owned by Google.

“I can’t believe that Google would actually censor a pro-Israel speech by me, when it has so much anti-Israel stuff all over its platform,” said Dershowitz. “It has to be a mistake ... I’ve been doing this for 50 years, and this is the first time in America that my views have been restricted.”

According to Prager University’s website, a statement from Google said they “don’t censor anyone” but do “take into consideration what the intent of the video is” and “what the focus of the video is.”


Posted on October 17, 2016 .