Israel foils Hezbollah terror plot in Haifa with 6 indicted


( Six Arab Israeli citizens were indicted Thursday for smuggling explosives from Lebanon into Israel in cooperation with a Hezbollah plot to plant bombs in the Haifa area, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) said.

A view of downtown Haifa. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Shin Bet, Israel Police and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested in September several residents of the Alawite village of Ghajar, on the Israeli-Lebanon border, for assisting the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah in a terror plot by using drug smuggling routes to transfer explosives.

After discovering explosives hid near the Lebanon border, an investigation revealed that village residents, led by Diab Sa’ad Jamil Kahamuz, were in contact with Hezbollah and assisted them in smuggling and gathering intelligence in Israel.

Earlier this year, Diab Kahamuz was in contact with his father, Sa'ad Kahamuz, a drug trafficker from Ghajar, who fled to Lebanon in October 2006 and is known for assisting Hezbollah activities, according to Shin Bet. The elder Kahamuz was a liaison between Hezbollah and his family members in Ghajar. Hezbollah had the son, Diab and his brothers, carry out a terror attack in Haifa. They had planned to target a bus stop at a junction soldiers frequently use to travel to their bases.

Drug smuggling routes from Lebanon into Israel are increasingly being used to infiltrate war material, the Shin Bet said.

Posted on October 6, 2016 .