Proposed Israeli legislation would outlaw activities of anti-IDF groups in schools



Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett. Credit: Spokesperson of The Ministry of Economy.

( Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett has introduced legislation that would ban anti-Israel Defense Forces (IDF) organizations from giving presentations to Israeli high school students, Israel Hayom reported.

Bennett decided to turn to legislative means after he learned that some schools have been ignoring a ministerial directive prohibiting them from inviting representatives of such organizations—including Breaking the Silence, an advocacy group dedicated to exposing alleged wrongdoings by the Israeli military—to speak to classes.

Since the ministerial directive only refers to organizations that undermine the state's legitimacy, some school principals have claimed that it does not apply to Breaking the Silence speakers. The ministry has taken disciplinary action against such principals.

Under the provisions of the bill, Israel’s education minister will have the authority to ban certain individuals or organizations from an educational facility if the minister believes they undermine the educational goals of that institution or engage in an effort to besmirch IDF soldiers.

"Organizations that tarnish Israeli soldiers abroad will have no place in our schools," Bennett said Monday.

Posted on December 27, 2016 .