14-year-old Arab girls charged with attempted murder

Ramla, Israel, scene of the 14-year-old Arab girls' stabbing attack. Credit: Gila Brand via Wikimedia Commons.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JNS.org) The Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Israel indicted two 14-year-old Arab girls who carried out a recent stabbing attack at the Ramla Central Bus Station on charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, and possession of a knife.

The two girls were charged in juvenile court. According to the indictment, which was filed by attorney Reut Abiri, the girls met up about a month before the attack and decided that they would become “martyrs” by stabbing and trying to kill Jews.

The indictment further reveals the role that the recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks played in influencing the girls and other would-be attackers. Following a recent stabbing attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, in which three terrorists were shot and killed, the two girls decided to meet the next day, equipped with kitchen knives, to carry out a stabbing attack.

According to the indictment, on the morning that they would carry out the attack, one of the girls said she preferred to wait until after school, while the other convinced her to do it in the morning, instead of going to school.

They hid knives in their school bags and decided that they would launch the attack at the shopping center near the Ramla Central Bus Station. They approached the area three times, looking for victims, but were unable to find IDF soldiers. Ultimately, they decided to attack the security guard at the shopping center’s entrance.

Posted on February 11, 2016 .