Russian victim of Jaffa terror attack praises care he has received in Israel

Yevgeny Tsiplin (center), a Russian victim of Tuesday's Palestinian stabbing spree in Jaffa, in the hospital in Tel Aviv. Credit: Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Yevgeny and Irina Tsiplin, a Russian couple wounded in Tuesday’s Palestinian stabbing spree in Jaffa, say they are grateful for the medical care they received and continue to receive following the incident.

Tsiplin was treated for mild injuries and released from Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center, where his wife, who is six months pregnant, continues to receive medical care for moderate injuries. The couple was visiting Israel for the first time.

“The doctors told us that everything is fine with the pregnancy,” Tsiplin said.

He went on to describe the circumstances of the attack, saying, “We came to Israel to travel on our own for 10 days, and [on Tuesday] we decided to visit the boardwalk. The terrorist ran up and injured me and then my wife….There was a group of American tourists beside us, and he also attacked them. There was a doctor among the group and he was the first to help us until emergency services arrived.”

Despite the shock of the attack, he said, “What happened to us could have happened anywhere in the world, so I am not afraid to come back here. We really enjoyed ourselves, and that is also what we will tell our friends.”

Tsiplin also pointed out the kindness he was treated with following the attack. “The attack was a terrible tragedy, but the way we were cared for and the treatment we received were amazing,” he said. “We received outstanding medical care, and people came to talk to us and to offer help, including social workers and even the mayor of Tel Aviv.”

There are seven wounded victims from Tuesday’s attack who are still hospitalized. The tourists who were injured are being afforded the same rights as Israeli terror victims, despite not holding Israeli citizenship. Israel’s National Insurance Institute visited the victims in the hospital to ensure their needs were met and is now looking into the possibility of flying in family members to accompany foreign victims.

American business school student Taylor Force, 29, was killed in Tuesday's attack.

Posted on March 10, 2016 .