Israelis commemorate 23,477 fallen soldiers, terror victims for Yom Hazikaron

A stage is set for a Yom Hazikaron ceremony in Israel. Credit: PikiWiki Israel.

( As part of this year’s Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day) services, Israelis are commemorating the deaths of 23,477 soldiers and victims of terrorist attacks over the course of their country's history. Since its last Memorial Day, Israel has added 68 people to its list of fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, with an additional 59 wounded veterans who died during the past year also being recognized as fallen IDF soldiers.

“For over 68 years we have been fighting the same war, the war for our independence,” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said during memorial services at Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Tuesday evening. “It is a painful battle that all the time adds fresh scars to the body and spirit of this ancient and robust people.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will continue to try to achieve peace with the country’s enemies.

“We will not give up on the hopes of reconciliation with our enemies, but first we will reconcile among ourselves, and there is no deeper expression of our shared fate than when we remember, with love, and salute our heroic sons and daughters who fell so that we could live in our country,” Netanyahu said. 

A two-minute siren wailed across Israel at 11 a.m. Wednesday to mark the start of memorial ceremonies at military cemeteries. The day’s events also include a candle-lighting ceremony at Mount Herzl, after which point Israelis kick off their Independence Day celebrations. 

Posted on May 10, 2016 .