Anti-normalization group slams Jordanian officials for attending Israeli event



The flag of Jordan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( An organization dedicated to opposing Jordan-Israel diplomatic relations strongly criticized Jordanian officials for participating in a recent Israeli Independence Day ceremony at the Israeli Embassy in Amman.

“Everyone who participated in the celebrations organized by the embassy of the oppressing entity on our Nakba Day,” the National Committee Against Normalization said in a statement, referring to the Arabic anti-Israel moniker for Israeli Independence Day.

Israel’s embassy in Jordan hosted 200 foreign diplomats and Jordanian officials on May 17.

“While our nation faces the enemy, the international colonialism which is allied with the Zionist movement that attempts to rewrite the history of the region, some Arab leaders have tied their destiny and their interests to the Zionist-colonialist alliance,” the anti-normalization group said, adding, “We, the National Committee Against Normalization denounce everyone who participated in the celebrations hosted by the enemy’s embassy as well as the Arab security coordination with the leaders of the Zionist enemy.”

Posted on May 25, 2016 .