WHO’s U.N. health resolution against Israel is anti-Semitic, Israeli leader says



The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Medical Corps treats injured Palestinian civilians at the IDF field hospital on the Israeli side of the Erez border crossing with Gaza. Credit: IDF via Flickr.com.

(JNS.org) The World Health Organization (WHO)’s claim that Israel violates Palestinians’ health rights is “a modern manifestation of anti-Semitism,” Yesh Atid party leader Member of Knesset Yair Lapid told WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan in a letter sent Thursday.

Lapid wrote the letter after WHO passed a resolution against Israel at the U.N. agency’s annual assembly in Geneva on Wednesday. The resolution lamented that the Israel Defense Forces operates in areas where there are Palestinian hospitals, as well as claiming that Israel violates Palestinian health rights in the Golan Heights. WHO passed the resolution in an overwhelming 104-4 vote, with six abstentions.

Lapid said that Palestinian terrorists frequently operate in or near hospitals, which was evident during 2014’s Operation Protective Edge, when the Shifa Hospital in Gaza was used to launch rockets at Israel civilians. At the same time, Israel set up a field hospital to treat injured Palestinians.

“The blame here lies with those who abuse medical facilities and turn them into military facilities. It is Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who should be the focus of your condemnation,” Lapid wrote to WHO, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Lapid also noted that “across the border, in Syria, hundreds of thousands have been murdered...Barrel bombs are dropped from the sky on to hospitals and doctors are routinely targeted as part of a campaign to target civilian populations.”

“While the carnage in Syria has continued unabated and terrorists commit unspeakable atrocities across the region most notably in Iraq, Israel has been quietly working to treat injured Syrians. They are brought to the border, collected by the Israel Defense Forces, and taken to Israeli hospitals, where they are given first-rate medical care, at no expense,” he wrote.

The watchdog group UN Watch also blasted the WHO resolution.

“The UN should single out Israel because if you walk into any Israeli hospital or clinic, you will see it replete with Palestinians receiving world-class medical treatment. And this was true even this past summer while Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel, and placed their terrorist command center under the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, a despicable abuse of health rights unmentioned by the world health assembly,” UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer said.

Posted on May 26, 2016 .