Conflicting reports emerge over Israel's alleged involvement in airstrike in Syria



View of the rest of Syria from the Israeli-held part of the Golan Heights. Credit: Sam Mugraby, via Wikimedia Commons

( Conflicting reports emerged on Wednesday over a purported airstrike in Syria, with some groups involved blaming Israel for the attacks.

The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah has reportedly blamed the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front for launching a series of rockets at a Syrian town near the Golan Heights, while two Syrian rebel groups and a human rights monitoring organization blamed Israel for the explosions.

There are reports that Hezbollah is active in the area, but there is no confirmation on what the target was at the time.

At least one rocket reportedly fell near the government building in Baath City, capital of the southern province of Quneitra, according to Reuters.

The reports come just days after the Israeli military said that it struck two Syrian army targets along the northern border. 

Posted on July 20, 2016 .