First Turkish aid shipment in six years reaches Gaza through Israel



The flag of Turkey. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( In the first Turkish aid shipment to Gaza since the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident—in which nine Turks were killed in clashes after Turkish militants attacked Israeli commandos who had boarded the flotilla—10 trucks with supplies arrived in Gaza through Israel a week after the new reconciliation deal between Turkey and Israel.

"These are the first Turkish aid trucks into Gaza," Mustafa Sarnıc, Turkey's ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, said in a press conference, AFP reported.

The ship containing 11,000 tons of cargo docked at Israel's Ashdod port on Sunday. Supplies included food, clothing, toys, and machines.

"This is an immediate implementation of the agreement between Israel and Turkey," Israeli government spokesperson Oren Rosenblatt said on Sunday.

Turkey originally tried to convince Israel to lift the blockade on Gaza, but eventually agreed to send aid to Gaza through the Ashdod port, where contents would be unloaded and inspected.
The blockade is necessary to prevent Hamas from receiving materials that could be used for military and terrorism purposes, according to Israeli officials.

Posted on July 5, 2016 .